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Cadets and Juniors in quest for medals in San Sebastian


 The next WAKO European Championships for juniors and cadets will be held 2015th in the city of San Sebastian in Spain. Preserving the good practices of the high level organization of kickboxing championships, WAKO Spain has accepted very delicate job to promote next European Championships for juniors and cadets. Knowing the big number of participants of this kind of championship and what are the needs of this age group of competitors, our WAKO friends from Spain will have to work really hard to make another great WAKO event.  

  As part of journey to Spain, WAKO IF officials, Mr. Espen Lund, Mr. Borislav Pelević and Mr. Salim Kayici, had the opportunity to check how preparations are going for the next European Championship in 2014. and also to make a visit to the city of San Sebastian, which will host next year European Championships for juniors and cadets.  

  On arrival to San Sebastian, WAKO officials had a pleasure to visit beautiful City Hall of San Sebastian where they met Mr. Juan Carlos Izaguirre, Mayor of San Sebastian and Mr. Joze Ruiz, councilor of San Sebastian. They have introduced to WAKO officials all work done so far for promotion of European Championships. After the meeting held in City Hall, WAKO officials had a chance to see a little bit of San Sebastian and also to visit three sport venues which are very good. One of them will be selected to host European championships next year. If we bear in mind that the configuration of this place is small because it is a typical Spanish seaside town, the promoter will not have a lot of headaches about transportation of athletes and officials from the hotel to the hall because everything is very close to one another.     

 San Sebastian offers to its visitors a complete pleasure during their stay. Obviously, the young competitors, certainly will find time to get acquainted with this touristic pearl, with its history, museums, architecture, monuments, festivals in order to fully understand why this is one of the most popular Spanish tourist destination.  

  And while San Sebastian, or Donostia, as its inhabitants originally called it, is preparing to become the European Capital of Culture for 2016, let this great WAKO event become a prelude for it.

WAKO IF Vice-president
WAKO Europe President

Prof. Borislav Pelević Ph.D.


playa-de-concha smallIn the north of the Spanish province, Basque Region, is a nice little town known for its big waves and prestigious film festival. In San Sebastian tourists come from all over the world. In the evening, the streets of the old part of the city, are full of people and everything is crazy and lively. View of the Atlantic Ocean is a wonderful and unforgettable. San Sebastian, Donostia in Basque, is located 20 km west of the French-Spanish border.

 San-Sebastian-architecture-Spain smallSan Sebastian is the third largest city in the Basque Region and has about 150,000 residents. It is famous for its film festival and beaches. The most famous is certainly the “La Concha” (seashell) beach in the same bay. On the right side of the mouth of the river Urumea is the beach Zuriola. Landscape is also dominated by Monte Igeldo, Monte Urgull and the island of Santa Clara. Despite the fact that the main source of financial income is tourism, the city does not encounter madness typical of mass tourism. On the contrary, everything goes to its slow tempo. It seems that tourists are always ready to adapt this rhythm, because Donostians are not willing to change their lifestyle in order to please the tourists.


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